Suzanne Esser

(the Netherlands, 1946)

bracelet, 1973

10 cm
inventory number KNB 416

Suzanne Esser was a fellow student and friend of Françoise. In the early 1970s she used simple industrial materials, which she changed into jewellery by seemingly minimal interventions. In the case of this bracelet, she bent the tube-material in a circle after it was partly hollowed out. Suzanne Esser was not interested in serial production. She once stated: “I rather limit myself to making a small series of bracelets, for instance variations on a theme.” Françoise swapped her work with colleagues and friends. These pieces of jewellery, together with her own legacy, constitute the basis of the Françoise van den Bosch Collection.

Esser Suzanne – KNB 416 – armband aluminium 1973