The Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, named after the jewellery designer Françoise van den Bosch (1944-1977) was conceived in 1980 by prominent members of the Dutch progressive jewellery community and members of her family. Its aim: to stimulate and promote contemporary jewellery.

Since 1980 many people from The Netherlands and internationally have selflessly supported the foundation, for instance as jury members for the Françoise van den Bosch Awards, as advisors when purchasing work of young talent, as board members and in many other ways. Without their effort, the work of this small volunteer organisation would be impossible.

The foundation is deeply indebted to the family of Françoise van den Bosch and our sponsors – the Friends of the Foundation and anonymous private donors for their financial support.


The board members:

Martijn van Ooststroom, chair (since 2016, member since 2010)
Jeroen Redel, treasurer (since 2022)
Vanessa de Gruijter, secretary (since 2021)
Ineke Heerkens (member since 2016)
Morgane de Klerk (member since 2022)
Jeannette Jansen (member 2022)

Previous chairpersons:
Liesbeth den Besten, 2000-2016 (board member since 1992)
Paul Derrez, 1991-2000
Jerven Ober, 1980-1991

Previous board members:
Liesbet Bussche (2015-2022)
Jantje Fleischhut (2013-2022)
Bas Kok (2009-2022)
Esther Doornbusch (2016-2019)
Saskia Kolff (2014-2016)
Miecke Oosterman (2006-2014)
Rob Koudijs (2000-2012)
Paul Mertz (1999-2011)
Suska Mackert (2003-2010)
Piet Hein Verspyck Mijnssen (1980-2009)
Manon van Kouswijk (2006-2008)
Gijs Bakker (1995-2005)
Victoria Bischop van Tuinen (1984-1998)
Marion Herbst (1989-1995)
Liesbeth Crommelin (1980-1989)


The Françoise van den Bosch Foundation is a private initiative made possible by donations from the Van den Bosch family and other private benefactors and funding sources. The board members carry out their duties for the foundation on a voluntary basis. They represent the world of jewellery in the broadest possible sense. The board convenes six times a year on average. The foundation’s initiators were Liesbeth Crommelin, Jerven Ober, Annelies van der Schatte Olivier and Count van den Bosch.

The endowment of the foundation was built up with donations from private supporters and from Count Van den Bosch. This money has been soundly and conservatively invested. Count Van den Bosch warmly supported the Foundation and was a generous benefactor. Since his death, the foundation is especially gratefull for the warm interest and donations from the sister of Françoise, Thea Verspyck Mijnssen – Van den Bosch. The activities of the foundation are funded from capital revenue and from donations from friends and sponsors (the Friends of the foundation).

The archive of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation for the period 1980 – 1995 has been handed over to the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) in The Hague.

Short History

After the death of Françoise, friends and colleagues decided that her élan and the period in which she lived should be retained in some form. Thus the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation was established in 1980 to stimulate contemporary jewellery design. In that same year the first Françoise van den Bosch Award was presented to Paul Derrez, jewellery designer, owner of Gallery Ra and promotor of contemporary jewellery. Along with the biennial Françoise van den Bosch Award, between 1983 and 1995 an award was presented to an individual or institute for achievements in promoting jewellery design.

The award was given, respectively, to: 1983: Bernardine de Neeve; 1985: Hijke Koopmans en Margje Blitterswijk, Galerie Het Kapelhuis, Amersfoort; 1987: Benno Premsela; 1989: Ralph Turner, London; 1991: Liesbeth Crommelin; 1993: VES, Vrije Vormgevers, the artists union for people working in the field of jewellery and applied arts; 1995: Museum Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch. Since 1997, in the year when the foundation does not present an award, it has purchased work from young talented designers and makers, every time from a different country.

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