Sophie Hanagarth

(Switzerland, 1968)

necklace with pendant Bretzel, 2008

textile, forged iron
pendant 12 x 9,5 x 1 cm, length including ribbon 62 cm
inventory number 203.2015

After a period where she was too occupied with teaching and family obligations, Sophie Hanagarth (Françoise van den Bosch Award 2014) wanted to start again by doing “something easy”. This was Serie B, of which the Bretzel is a part. The pendant is made out of forged pure iron, a heavy technique that is predominantly done by men. Hanagarth loves forging, she loves the ‘coming into being’ during the making: “it is really just a bar that gets a shape”, she says. According to her the shape “describes a rush job. Hit with a hammer, twisted with pincers, pure iron offers you a repertoire of braids, weaves and knots.”

Hanagarth Sophie – inv nr xx – hanger Bretzel 2008