Robert Smit

(the Netherlands, 1941)

brooch Bottle in Landscape, 2003

gold, silver, lead, paint
12,8 x 12,5 x 0,7 cm
inventory number 5.2006

The artist painted an image on small square plates of metal, which are attached to each other with the help of nails. This object is an impression of a bottle in a landscape. Robert Smit (Françoise van den Bosch Award 2004) is one of few who is able to combine his talent as a fine artist with that of a goldsmith. In 1985 he stirred up the Dutch jewellery world because he was fed up with the status quo in jewellery, “the so-called contemporary jewellery – fruit of a mutual shared lack of imagination”, according to Smit. His first collection of jewellery since 1971 was abound with gold that was treated graphically with scratches, lines and folds.

Smit Robert – 5.2006 – Broche Bottle in Landscape 2003