Richard Elenbaas

(the Netherlands 1983, lives and works in Amsterdam)

story and brooch Lost Story, 2013

silver, paper
0,3 x Ø 0,9 cm
inventory number 200.2015 (1-2)

9th round Young Talent, 2013

Many people own jewellery that kind of sticks with them. You once were given them by a beloved person, or they are a remembrance to a certain event in your life, but as a matter of fact you don’t like them any more, and you never wear them. Richard Elenbaas came up with this solution: he melts the piece of jewellery into a neutral bit of gold or silver, and he puts a pin behind it. Besides that he records the story that accompanies the jewellery, and adds it to the new brooch. This way jewellery gets a new life, while object and emotion are clearly separated from each other.

Elenbaas Richard – inv nr xx – Broche Lost Story jaar xx