Mikiko Minewaki

(Japan, 1967, studied at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Tokio 1986-89, lives and works in Tokio)

necklace PLAchain, 2003

cut plastic toy revolver
inventory number 13.2007

6th round Young Talent, 2007: Japan
advisers: Suska Mackert and Manon van Kouswijk


Mikiko Minewaki enjoys working with plastic toys and consumer products, such as pens, lighters and plastic action figures. She saws the colourful material in small pieces to get a mosaic, which she uses to create beautiful abstract compositions for pendants and brooches. She is able to give non-precious materials a new meaning. This chain gives away its origins because Minewaki treated the material carefully, using minimal interventions. If you look well you can connect the links in your mind and find the toy pistol. 

Minewaki manages to find different values and forms in simple materials.

Minewaki Mikiko – 13.2007 – halssieraad Plachain 2003 FOTO VAN WEB