Marion Herbst

(the Netherlands, 1944-1995)

bracelet, 1971

chromium plated copper (shower hose)
9,5 x 9,5 cm
inventory number KNB 391

A bracelet made out of shower hose is one of those typical ideas from the early 1970s: take a ready-made material and change it into a piece of jewellery by using a simple method. Marion Herbst was a colleague and friend of Françoise. In 1974 Marion, Françoise and three other artists, founded the so called BOE-group – the Union of Rebellious Jewelers. They developed new ideas about the presentation of jewellery, which they were able to realize in the Revolt in Jewellery exhibition at Electrum Gallery in London. Their aim was to create more understanding of contemporary jewellery. Eventually the BOE-group resulted in the foundation of the VES, the very first interest group of jewellery designers and goldsmiths in The Netherlands.

Herbst Marion – KNB 391 – armband doucheslang 1971