Marion Delarue

(France 1986, lives and works in Paris)

young talent acquisition 2018

shoulder brooch Parrot Devotees (number 4), 2017
Natural feathers of geese, pheasants, guinea fowls and roosters, rice paper pulp, silver, steel wire
7,5 x 5 x 3,5 cm

About Parrot Devotees – The idea of imitation, artifice and duplicity, frequently evoked in Marion Delarue’s work, is being embodied in Parrot Devotees through the image of the parrot. 
“Every human being has a parrot on his shoulder” said Jean Cocteau about imitation. 
A barnyard fowl swoons with admiration and jealousy over a parrot: the incredibly beautiful bird enjoys a special intimacy with the master whose shoulder he perches on to converse.
 In an attempt to pass themselves off as him, the ordinary birds have put together their most beautiful feathers to recreate the illusion of his presence.

About Marion Delarue – Marion Delarue (°1986) lives and works in Paris. She studied at the HEAR Art Academy in Strasbourg and at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn where she obtained her Master degree in contemporary jewellery in 2012. After residencies and art programmes in South Korea, China and Taiwan, Marion started to experiment with materials such as porcelain, Korean natural lacquer and Chinese feather marquetry to create body adornment. Her work has been exhibited in various museums in Europe, Asia and North America and has received several international awards. Marion is fascinated by techniques that she uses both in a traditional and experimental way. As a jewellery designer, she strives to bring together traditional know-how and contemporaneity as well as handcrafted techniques and critical thinking.