Marc Monzó

(Spain 1973, studied at the Escola Massana Barcelona 1993-96, lives and works in Barcelona)

necklace Plastic Sticks, 2004

plastic, cotton thread
inventory number 9.2006

5th round Young Talent, 2005: Spain
adviser: Mònica Gaspar, Barcelona

Could it be more simple, een chain made out of cotton swab sticks that Marc Monzó collected on the beach of Barcelona, his place of residence? But Monzó did not simply make a children’s chain. On the contrary: by constructing the necklace in a certain way he created a three-dimensional necklace with a pyramid-shaped ornament. Nice to wear, even though the material is simple and vulnerable. Monzó’s jewellery is as plain as can be. His jewellery  – whether it is made of plastic, silver, steel or gold, – has a kind of Dutch level headedness, unadorned and bare.

Monzo Marc – 8.2006 – Broche gerafeld 2004 FOTO VAN WEB