Mallory Weston

The American jewellery designer Mallory Weston has been selected as the 2019 Artist in Residence. As successor to Sidney Caldwell Deaghlan (2011), Tracy Steepy (2012), Tota Reciclados (2013), Anna-Maria Saar (2014), Moniek Schrijer (2015), Rebecca Hannon (2016), Margherita Potenza (2017) and Florian Weichsberger (2018), Mallory Weston will stay at Studio Rian de Jong in Amsterdam from the beginning of May until the end of July 2019 – with the support of Rian de Jong and Herman Marres.

Mallory, who lives and works in Philadelphia, would like to use her time in Amsterdam to develop a new body of work building off her experience carving fluorescent minerals. These are rocks that appear normal, or even mundane, under natural light but glow vibrant neon colors under ultra-violet light:

“My plan for this residency involves expanding my subject matter to encompass additional compelling and weighted cultural objects that exist in the same vein as the neon sign. (…) I believe that Amsterdam’s unique attitude to openness, tolerance, and innovation will inform my work as well and contribute to my study of symbols, motifs, and icons.”

Photos by Ian Loring Shiver

Pendant: Mallory Weston, Eye, 2017 – Carved fluorescent diopside/wollastonite & leather

Pendant: Mallory Weston, Rose, 2017 – Carved fluorescent calcite/willemite & leather