Lin Cheung

(United Kingdom, 1971)

Delayed Reactions – Slightly Sad, 2018

lapis lazuli, 18ct gold
diameter 55 mm

“Delayed Reactions is series of carved stone brooches that reflect the mixed emotions I feel about the world around me. Confused, Speechless, Fallen, Nonplus, Slightly Sad and Frowning Face responds to the events since the EU Referendum and the continued debate over Britain’s future in relation to Europe”.
“Pin badges are traditionally of the moment, cheap and quick to make and considered throw-away, lasting only as long as necessary to get the message across. Working in stone is the opposite: it is a slow process and an unpredictable material, often with a limited palette, but these limitations are a good test of what remains in my memory, what surfaces in my thoughts after the dust has settled”.
“I can think of lots of reasons to make stuff but I can’t think of a better reason to be making jewellery right now – it’s time, time to make what we do count however insignificant we might feel it is, the power of jewellery is not to be ignored and every voice counts”
Current Obsession Paper, February 2017