Françoise van den Bosch

cushion brooch, 1976

two parts, square tube, squeezed, sawn along a diagonal, with one rib
5,5 x 5,5 x 2,5 cm
inventory number: 2.2006

The cushion shape of aluminium provided her with a new freedom: “In that direction everything was still free: it never had to fit around an arm or a neck. I have a piece of tube and I am working on that. The ideas come by themselves”, she said in 1975 in an interview with Dutch newspaper Het Parool. The cushion shape she used for brooches with various detailing and dimensions, by pinching a square aluminium tube on two sides. The pinching of the material created the horizontal rib. The diagonal incision facilitates the fitting together of the two segments.

Bosch van den Francoise - inv nr 2.2006 - cushion brooch 1976 FOTO VAN WEB