Françoise van den Bosch

cushion object, 1973

with two diagonal slits
yellow brass
10 x 10 x 3 cm
depicted in catalogue FvdB, 1978, image 29
inventory number 198.2015

gift from the Robert Schlingemann estate

Françoise sawed this standing brass object diagonally from two sides, making it three-dimensional. The cushion shape shows up in many sizes and appearances in the work of Françoise: as a plastic object, as enclosure for the PTT retirement medal that she designed in 1975-1977, and as a series of brooches of various dimensions. Depending on the finishing of the object its character changes from tactile and soft to spatial and angular. With her interventions she managed to turn a modest industrial and functional semi-finished product (tube material) into an aesthetic object.

Bosch van den Francoise - inv nr xx - cushion object diagonals 1978