Françoise van den Bosch

left: bracelet multiple, 1970/1990

anodised aluminium
numbered edition of 100
produced by Jan Matthesius
edition: Françoise van den Bosch Foundation
inventory number 15.1993

right: bracelet, 1970

aluminium, two parts (unfinished)
10,5 cm
inventarory number KNB 400

Françoise van den Bosch estate

video Francoise van den Bosch zwart witte armband

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This black and white bracelet is an iconic piece. It is Françoise van den Bosch’s best known design, and at first glance a self-evident piece. The ingenious design, based on two separate circle-shaped parts that simply slide into one another, is kept in position by the arm. In 1990, at the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, jewellery designer Jan Matthesius reproduced this bracelet one hundred times. The popular multiple quickly sold out.

Bosch van den Francoise - inv nr 15.1993 and inv nr KNB 400 - aluminium bracelet 1970 and 1990