Françoise van den Bosch

cushion object, 1972

two parts, sawn along a diagonal
10 x 9,5 x 3 cm
inventory number: 3.2006 (1-2)

video Francoise van den Bosch tweedelig kussenobject

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This smoothly curving two-part form is the result of tremendous hard work. By anodizing the aluminium at the end the surface acquires a soft tone. Working with tubes, hammers, pliers and vices had a tough aspect. This appealed to Françoise. Jerven Ober wrote in his book about Françoise how she had found a round, corroded tube that she could use very well: “A large number of her famous objects has been hammered alternately concave and convex on that thing.” She was very excited to have been selected to participate in exhibitions of the Dutch Group of Sculptors.

Bosch van den Francoise - inv nr 3.2006 - cushion object 1972 FOTO VAN WEB