Erik Kuiper

(Nederland, 1974, lives and works in Utrecht)

brooche Ranah, from the series Weltinnenraum, 2008

aluminium, silver, wood, tape, woolen blanket, paper, paint, filler
inventory number 008.2013

7ht round Yount Talent, 2009: the Netherlands

Erik Kuiper is a builder: “I love building, making something”, he says. “A plan gives you something to hold on to, it all happens on these lines. Also building is one of our primitive drives, first you provide for food and personal covering, and then you look for shelter.” Erik Kuiper is renovating houses to support himself and his family. The materials and techniques he encounters while building inspire him to make jewellery. This brooch is related to architecture in its rectangular shape, and because of the materials that Kuiper used to build this brooch, layer-by-layer.

Kuiper Erik – 008.2013 – Broche Ranah 2008