Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

(designer, the Netherlands, 1950)

necklace with four coloured, changeable elements in box, 1975

box 17 x 17 x 3 cm
necklace with element 14,5 x 13 x 2,5 cm
each element 7,8 cm Ø 2,2 cm
inventory number 6.2006

Bruno Ninaber van Eyben is a well-known Dutch designer. Every older person knows him because of the Dutch coins after his designs, which were used until 2001 when the Euro-coin was introduced. Ninaber was educated as a gold- and silversmith at the Academy of Maastricht. He designed several bracelets and wristwatches with an emphasis on functionality. Using extra components, in different materials and colours, for instance, could change the appearance of bracelets and watches. This way the user can change a design after their wish, matching it with an outfit. This neckpiece, with three changeable parts in different ranges of colouring, is in this sense a functional piece of jewellery.

Ninaber van Eyben Bruno – 6.2006 – halssieraad gekleurde elementen 1975 FOTO VAN WEB