Florian Weichsberger

Achter de ramen: DECONTEXT, In the Sense of Removing the Purpose of Objects

Exploring the meaning behind objects and the stories they ‘tell’, I collected items from our daily surroundings; objects found in drugstores, hardware stores, in our kitchens and on our streets.

After studying their function and aesthetic I stripped away – often literally – their purpose and transformed them into (potential) pieces of jewellery.

How much can be taken away before an object completely loses its identity, before it truly becomes something else? How much information remains, how much context is needed for us to categorize an object that we have seen and used so often it has become all but invisible to us?

Finally this collection touches on the nature of value. Is value derived from the material, the design, the function? Or rather the concept behind the object, the intellectual achievement, the time, care and skills invested in its creation?